by Nate Nicholls March 25, 2013

I’m not bulletproof.  I never will be bulletproof. Honestly — I don’t want to be. It seems like everywhere I turn lately, I see advertisements, books, and magazines purporting to hold the key that turns people into impenetrable machines.  It seems that everyone wants to be unbreakable, invincible, bulletproof.  I’m not sure that’s for me.  It […]

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Rethinking Strength: Embracing Weakness

by Nate Nicholls January 30, 2013

Gabe has mentioned her health problems and the lessons she’s learned from them. I have had my own set of hard times, taking care of Gabe while she’s been ill. In one sense it’s been hard taking care of her because of the things I miss out on. I sometimes refer to these as the […]

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Forgiving My Self

by Gabe December 12, 2012

Never have I felt more alone or more betrayed than when my body got sick. My body was supposed to stick by me. It was supposed to carry me over mountains, both literal and metaphorical; it was supposed to cradle and assist me as we fought for goals and dreams. Instead, my body went on […]

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Overthrowing the Monarchy

by Gabe November 20, 2012

Our bed is one aspect of our life that got a major overhaul when we turned into yurt dwellers.  Nate and I must have created at least twenty different versions of a floor plan for the yurt, always trying to figure out how we were going to fit ourselves, our kidlets, and our stuff into […]

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Diary of a Yurt

by Nate Nicholls October 12, 2012

Thursday, September 27 I got off work and went directly home.  I requested tomorrow, Friday, off so we could build the yurt, which was supposed to be delivered in the afternoon.  Supposed to be.  Shortly after arriving home tonight, however, I got a call from the delivery guy: one of his tires had blown out.  […]

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Hello. Goodbye.

by Nate Nicholls September 21, 2012

Hello. We arrived home a little more than a week ago from a whirlwind trip to my childhood home: Wisconsin.  Upon returning, the first thing we noticed was the difference in temperature.  It had been in the 80s and even 90s while we were in the Midwest.  It was no more than 55 degrees when […]

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